There's nothing more frustrating for a fabric or craft store retailer to not have a wide variety of products in their storerooms. Customers, many of whom are designers looking for inspiration to create incredible pieces of wearable art, expect to see an assortment of fabrics they can work with, instead of the same old, same old. Since 1990, Fabric Selection Inc. has been a trusted resource for wholesale fabrics, from rayon prints to chiffon fabric, at prices that seem unbelievable for the level of quality we provide.

Providing a strong variety of color, style, design, and material options has always been of the utmost importance at Fabric Selection Inc. That's why we have some of the most talented in-house designers in the industry to create unique and useable designs. Unlike other online retailers, we hold the copyright to all of our designs, so you never have to worry infringing on somebody else's property when selling or using our woven prints and other products. Our fabrics were created with versatility in mind, so that you can always find fabrics that are perfect for any type of project.

Various Fabric Designs

Whether you're a small craft retailer or a larger chain, Fabric Selection Inc. offers incredible customer service to make your job easier. Every member of our team is an expert on our wide array of products, from solid knit fabric to linen, so don't hesitate to call or email with any questions. Ordering online or over the phone is simple and we even offer same day shipping if you need it.