Too often, wholesale fabric retailers only offer a small assortment of fabric options for their customers. These retailers often make their customers choose between high-quality material and reasonable prices, all while not having very many design, color, and material choices. At Fabric Selection Inc. we believe that you don't have to sacrifice quality and options in order to get a good price on your wholesale fabric. We offer everything from jacquard material to knit prints in all sorts of colors and designs for all of our customers.

Fabric Selection Inc. has hundreds of different designs and materials to choose from, for projects of any kind for any type of customer. Every one of our unique designs is created by our talented in-house designers who understand the dynamics of a great fabric, including the very best in polyester chiffon fabric. We hold the copyright to each of these designs, allowing you to use the fabrics without worry about infringing on somebody else's copyright. We have plenty of fabric material options, including printed lace, denim, linen, solid lace, cotton, woven prints, and much more.

Wholesale Printed Lace

At Fabric Selection Inc. we care about our customer's experience above all. That's why we've created an easy to use online shop for all of your fabric needs. You can peruse hundreds of fabric options at your own leisure and order through a simple shop. We even offer same day shipping. We also have top notch customer service for all of our customers, big and small. To find out more about our wholesale fabrics and prices, call us today.