For the amateur clothing designer, a quick trip to the nearest fabric store or a short Internet search can produce enough options that their one design is completed, and the maker is satisfied. However, once a designer begins to offer clothing selections to many customers, they will need access to a variety of fabric at wholesale in large quantities. However, not all companies that offer a large quantity of material at low prices can boast about their quality. Here at Fabric Selection Inc., we only offer well-made, durable, and beautiful fabrics to our customers, so you know you are getting the most high quality material at the best price.


The two most basic types of fabric are knit and woven styles. However, within those two categories is a huge range of material, from jersey knit for t-shirts to woven printed fabric for jacket linings. Many professional designers have an instinct when it comes to layers and shapes for designs, and they also have a great idea of which type of fabric they will need. However, they may not know how many options they have, which is why Fabric Selection Inc. has an in-house design team. These designers answer design and fabric questions so you make the best choice for your runway-ready fashions.

The Best Wholesale Fabrics

Contact us today with questions about the latest styles in microsuede fabric, lace prints, jacquard knits, or other fashion questions. Our design team is standing by to help you. You can also browse our complete selection through our online store. We ship worldwide, as well!