If you're a fabric retailer with a mom-and-pop craft store or a major design business, you know the importance of having a storeroom filled with the top quality fabrics. Designers who patronize these types of stores are always in need of well-made, unique fabrics to bring their design concepts to life. Fabric Selection Inc. provides fabric products that use high quality materials with inventive designs that are offered at incredible prices. That's one of the many reasons we've been successful since 1990 at selling the top wholesale fabric to Mexico, Canada, the U.S., and countries all over the world.

Fabric Selection Inc. has hundreds of different fabrics to choose from which all vary in color, style, design, and material options. Just some of our fabric material options are chiffon fabric, knit prints, woven prints, French terry, printed and solid lace, rayon blend, jacquard knit, and much more. With all of those options, each with unique designs available, your retail location will be able to satisfy just about all of your customers. Better yet, since our fabrics are so reasonably priced you will be able to offer competitive prices to your customers.

A major perk to using Fabric Selection Inc. is our world-class customer service. All of our employees are experts on our merchandise, so they can answer any questions you may have about the products and their pricing. Our fabrics are even designed in-house, so we hold the copyright to make things easier for designers to use in just about any context. Want to know more about our products like micro suede or have any questions? Feel free to call or email us today.