When you think of animal print fabric, chances are you’re thinking shades of khaki, beige, brown, or yellow-orange. However, this always-in-style species of pattern has not just survived, it has evolved. The most modern takes offer vibrant colors that are sure to bring any collection to life.

Current Animal Print Trends

With colorful fashion trends coming back like 70s tie-dye and 90s pastels, it’s no wonder that bright hues would also find their way to animal prints as well.

Today, while you can still find the classic safari shades of animal print, younger consumers are reaching for more multi-chromatic interpretations of the pattern to add some excitement to their outfits. Whether it’s cheetah print on top of a soft pastel or a bright neon, these modern takes add life to nature-inspired clothing.

The Best of Both Worlds

If your audience is a bit older or prefers more traditional styles, you don’t have to choose between the classic print or bright hues. A great middle-ground option includes animal patterned materials in subtle color variations like rust, gray, or cream. This means you can still have a great animal print fabric that roars…but not too loudly.

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