Buying bulk fabric online can be challenging but with the right wholesaler, it doesn’t have to be. Shopping online can sometimes make it difficult to know what the final product will actually feel or look like compared to the image online. At Fabric Selection Inc., we understand our customers’ concerns and we aim to make shopping with us as easy as possible by providing as much information as we can in every product listing. We believe that wholesale fabric companies have a responsibility to their customers to provide all the details about each product to ensure that customers find exactly what they need.

 By offering all the product information upfront on our online catalog, not only do our customers enjoy a better shopping experience, but they avoid the frustration of ordering the wrong items or ordering something that’s not in stock.

Our Fabric Listings

All of our fabric listings include the following details to provide our customers with a smooth and convenient shopping experience:

  • Yards (amount) available for sale
  • Incoming inventory
  • Minimum order amount
  • Fabric width
  • Material makeup
  • Additional notes and care instructions

Quality Fabrics All Year Round

At Fabric Selection Inc., we know designers and brands work all year to create collections for future seasons. This is why we always carry our entire inventory in stock no matter what time of the year it is.

From basic cotton knits to beautiful lace and mesh fabric, we have it all. Top-tier fabrics are always in season, and we make sure to provide the best materials every day of the year.

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