Lightweight and versatile, high quality solid and printed chiffon fabric can be highly sought after by Los Angeles clothing designers that are crafting a variety of different clothing types. In addition, chiffon can be woven from several different materials including silk, poly and rayon (Most of the chiffon we carry is 100% poly or rayon). Because it is so light, chiffon fabric is often used by designers who are making evening wear, or any clothes that need to breath. Depending on how it is sewed and what color it is dyed, chiffon can also be partially see-through, so designers must take that into considering when incorporating the fabric into their clothes. Another thing that designers must also consider before using solid and printed chiffon fabric in Los Angeles clothing designs is that typically it must be hand-washed, so it should not be used for clothing that is expected to get dirty easily. This is one of the main reasons why it is popular mainly in formal wear.

FSI Makes Ordering Chiffon Easy

Because of our two and a half decades of experience, we know how to successfully and efficiently create these types of fabrics, so we are able to provide chiffon fabric to Los Angeles designers at affordable wholesale rates. Since it is not the most commonly used material, designers like the fact that they can buy our solid and printed chiffon material for their fabric reserves without breaking the bank. It is always good for designers to keep a regular supply of every type of fabric so they don’t have to wait around for a long time to make their item of clothing after inspiration strikes. Yet, customers like that they can go to our online ordering system and add poly or rayon chiffon material online to their shopping cart so they don’t forget that they need more.

For years, Fabric Selection Inc. has been one of the top providers of fabric wholesale products to designers and manufacturers in Los Angeles and beyond. In addition to chiffon material, we are also one of the most trusted providers of knit prints Los Angeles companies count on for their most unique and innovative designs. We also provide our customers with regular shipments of the most commonly used products including cotton, mesh, lace, and linen fabric.

And, while for many customers, our amazing selection and incredibly low prices are good enough selling points to bring their business to Fabric Selection Inc., we don’t settle for good enough. We make it our mission to provide exceptional customer service from when the order is placed, up until it is ready for pick up. We work hard to ensure that every order is done exactly when we say it will, so your roll out schedule will not be delayed. Because styles and fashions are always changing, punctuality and sticking to one’s word is crucial in the fashion industry.

Whichever one of these fabrics you find yourself in need of, you cannot go wrong with the exceptional customer service, affordable wholesale prices, and punctuality of Fabric Selection Inc. To inquire more about our selection, or to place an order today, don’t hesitate to call us at 213-516-7053.