Apparel and clothing design is a fluid process that often demands a trial and error approach, and designers might not be able to accurately gauge their final product until they see the results themselves. This can make the process challenging and potentially costly because a designer may commit to a design or a material only to have to start over from scratch if they aren’t satisfied with the result. As a major provider of fabrics and prints including popular woven material for Los Angeles designers and beyond, Fabric Selection Inc. is committed to working closely with our customers while providing a wealth of tools and resources to improve not only the selection process, but the ease of completing their projects.

Through our extensive web store, our customers are able to browse a large selection of materials and prints, including jacquard fabric online, and every item listed in our store is available for immediate shipping both domestically and abroad. In addition to our convenient web store and our extensive inventory, at Fabric Selection Inc., we provide our customers access to our design and art room located in our modern facilities located in the heart of the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles. Here, we create samples of our customers designs on their requested fabrics to help them gain a better understanding of the final product before they’ve committed to their order saving them precious time and money. Whether you’re looking for a distributor with top of the line, popular fabrics, at wholesale prices, such as the solid knit fabric Los Angeles area designers demand, or in need of superior facilities to complete your next project, Fabric Selection Inc. will make your project a reality.