Clothing designers don't just need to stay ahead of the trends, they need to make them! We know that this drive to create the next big style means that designers must have access to any kind of fabric as soon as they need it. Maybe a last-minute update to a project requires a different woven printed fabric. Maybe a low quality fabric from a different supplier tears, and the supply is ruined. At Fabric Selection Inc., we don't take our responsibility as a fabric supplier lightly. We might enjoy the lush beauty of our massive selection of fabrics, but we maintain this enormous warehouse of copyrighted prints and colors in order to help designers with anything they need, from a regular large order, to a last-minute emergency purchase.

We keep so many materials in stock, it is hard for even us to say exactly how many fabrics we have in our warehouse at one time. However, our online catalogue constantly updates as we bring in new supplies of fabric options. We offer nearly every kind of fabric in the world, from the thinnest breezy chiffon to luxurious jacquard fabric online and easy to order whenever you need it. Because we keep everything stocked in our warehouse, we guarantee that we will ship your order ASAP, so your order reaches you exactly when you need to get started on your next design project.

From wholesale lace fabric, durable micro suede, to fuzzy soft peach skin fabric, we pride ourselves at Fabric Selection Inc. for offering the perfect material for your most important design projects.