Many online fabric resources only offer their products to locations within the United States. That makes it more difficult for international fabric retailers to find high quality fabric products to stock in their stores. Fabric Selection Inc., on the other hand, has been a provider of outstanding fabric to countries all over the world since 1990. We believe that our products are so innovative and high quality that everybody deserves to be able to order them, regardless of their location. We offer our fabric for Colombia and other South American countries, as well as Mexico, Canada, and much more.

If you're ordering fabric for Colombia, Mexico, Canada, or elsewhere outside the U.S., it takes 2 to 3 business days from the time the order is authorized to be shipped out. We offer same day shipping for rush orders, but contact one of our customer service reps to see if your international order of fabric wholesale is eligible. Fabric Selection Inc. will do everything in our power to have the fabric ship to Colombia and other locations as soon as possible.

When you're ordering wholesale fabric from an international location, it's important to have supportive and helpful customer service to help you with your orders. At Fabric Selection Inc. we pride ourselves on our terrific customer service representatives who will work hard to ensure you get your order when you need it. Everyone on our team is an expert on our products, so we can answer any questions about the individual products or the process of having the fabric ship to Colombia, Mexico, Canada, and other international locations. If you have any questions at all, we're happy to answer.

The Wide Selection of Fabrics You Need

For over 20 years, Fabric Selection Inc. has provided the most creative and high quality fabrics for competitive prices to our customers. If you need wholesale fabric in Colombia, there's no better option; our wide selection of designs, colors, styles, and materials for our products is the best you're likely to find. We offer fabric materials like print knit fabric, woven prints, French terry, jacquard knit, cotton and knit cotton, linen, denim, and much more.

Each of our fabrics, from rayon prints to lace material, were created by our in-house designers. This means that we hold the copyright and therefore there's no reason to worry about selling or using the products. The designs are perfect for all types of projects, from the simple to the most intricate designs. Your customers will love the range of options you're able to provide.

If you have more questions about how to get our fabric to Colombia, Mexico, or any other international location, feel free to call or email us today.