Fabric for leggings can include spandex, poly/spandex, and any other material that’s appropriate for tight fitting yet comfortable garments. As a sort of cross between nylon stockings and sweat pants, leggings serve multiple functions. We at Fabric Selection Inc. understand that, while trends may come and go, leggings remain as a staple in many women’s wardrobes – and our vast array of fabrics are available to meet those demands.

Often referred to as yoga pants, leggings are typically worn while exercising as the material makes it much easier for individuals to move freely and comfortably. At Fabric Selection Inc., our warehouse is well-stocked with durable and stylish fabric for yoga pants. Whether leggings are made with spandex or poly/spandex, our warehouse offers a variety of colors and prints for designers and clothing manufacturers to choose from.

In addition to working out, leggings are very often a casual clothing option for individuals who want to stay comfortable without sacrificing their personal style. Leggings fabric is in ample supply in our warehouse so that designers and clothing manufacturers can create their own beautifully unique legging designs.

At Fabric Selection Inc., we understand the specific demands for yoga pants fabric. As leggings continue to be a popular clothing choice, our warehouse will remain well-stocked with the most durable and stylish materials for designers to use.