In the fast paced, make or break world of apparel and clothing design, designers and manufactures need every edge they can get to make their final products stand out above the rest, and to turn a profit after all the hard work is said and done. Here at Fabric Selection Inc., our highly experienced team is shares your passion to create, and we’ll work with you closely to ensure your individual needs and requirements are met.

It starts with price. As a major providers of fabric wholesale in the Los Angeles area and beyond, we keep our rates competitive to help even smaller designers have the means to create a platform for their product. We then work closely with each and every one of our customers in order to best meet their requests. Through years of experience in the business, our team is able to follow the trends, and makes sure to supply the fabrics and materials that you need the most, whether it’s a jacquard knit or a beautiful lace fabric in Los Angeles and beyond. We also provide our valued customers with the means to test samples of their final product on their material or print of choice before they’ve placed the order to allow them to have a better representation of the final product before they’ve placed their order. Because we own the copyright on all of our materials here at Fabric Selection Inc., you’ll also be able to enjoy the hassle free comfort of knowing that you can use our materials entirely for your purposes without having to worry about any tricky legal issues. If you’re ready to experience the benefits offered by fabric selection, or our products like the solid knit fabric Los Angeles love, contact us today!