For apparel designers and manufactures everywhere, having access to the right, high quality materials is one of the most critical necessities of business. Because these materials are often their largest expenditure, it's equal important that they be affordable, and able to be re-purposed and turned around to fit within that designer's profit margins. Though many fabrics and materials can be quite expensive, such as printed lace, they don't have to be beyond your price range. Here at Fabric Selection Inc., we're committed to providing top of the line fabrics at competitive prices to help our clients acquire exactly what they need to finish their projects.

For popular fabrics like jacquard material, designers are accustomed to having to pay a premium. However at Fabric Selection Inc. ,we're able to supply fabric wholesale in Los Angeles to pass the savings on to our clients. At our large, modern facility located in the heart of the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles, we can accommodate and quickly ship orders of all sizes to ensure that our clients get the materials they need right when they need them. We offer a streamlined and convenient ordering experience via our website and an online store that is always fully stocked and ready to receive your order. We own the copyright on all of our prints allowing our clients to use them freely without concern for hassles and difficulty. If you're looking for high quality materials at a price you can afford, our team is standing by to fill your need.