At Fabric Selection Inc., we have many loyal customers who come to us for many of the basic types of fabric Los Angeles clothing companies rely on to make their goods. Items like cotton, linen and lace have always been big sellers for nearly all of our major customers, but some do not realize that we also have a variety of other fabrics that are essential for some of the most innovative and fashionable types of clothing. And, because what is in style is constantly changing, it is good for all designers to have some of each type of fabric in their storage rooms for when it may come in handy.

Many companies are realizing that our low prices and excellent customer service makes Fabric Selection Inc. the best place to go for their jacquard material needs. And, typically, when a customer starts shopping with us for one specific fabric, our outstanding across the board prices and punctuality in getting them their order convinces them to do all of their fabric wholesale business with us.

In addition, we also have a variety of woven prints, all of which we own the copyrights to. That means that customers do not have to worry about their ability to use and market their clothing made with the prints. There is nothing worse than successfully incorporating a fabric into one of your designs only to later learn that the company who makes it will not let you use it. This is just one of the many perks that clothing designers receive when they partner with Fabric Selection Inc.