Hi-multi chiffon fabric is a layered but airy fabric that can be used in anything from light summer dresses to stylish fall scarves!

Chiffon Fabric is Made From Polyester

Made from a polyester blend, chiffon fabric is a durable, sheer material that comes in a wide variety of different prints, colors, and styles. Plus, the textured feel of chiffon adds depth to any piece without feeling scratchy or otherwise uncomfortable.

Vegan Friendly in Most Cases

If you’re a designer or retailer, making and selling apparel that addresses the concerns of a growing market of people who are conscious of using animal products can be a great way to stay ahead in the always-changing fashion field. Since chiffon fabric is usually made from a polyester blend, animal products of any kind typically aren’t used in its creation, so it’s normally considered vegan friendly.

Chiffon Fabric Comes in Many, Many Varieties

Whether you’re looking for solid colors or floral prints, you can find a chiffon fabric option. Deep blues, bright reds, and more can all be had.

Ordering Wholesale Chiffon Fabric Online Should Be an Easy Process

If chiffon fabric sounds like the right material for you, the next step is finding a great wholesaler. At Fabric Selection, we work hard to provide a super convenient and easy-to-use online ordering system.

When you look through our catalogs, you will see up-to-date inventory counts and clear descriptions for each product. This cuts down on confusion and virtually eliminates the chance of incorrect or canceled orders!

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