In the world of fashion design, innovation is key. From trendy fall couture to high fashion magazines, designers have to keep up by anticipating what the world wants to see next. At Fabric Selection Inc., we help you stay one step ahead of the competition by offering the highest quality fabric wholesale in Los Angeles through our online catalog.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality solid knits, jacquard weaves, and printed fabrics available anywhere in the world. Our printed materials are done in house, as well, offering fresh, beautiful designs. We own the copyright on all of our prints, and our in house design team is easy to reach, since they're available by phone during normal business hours. In fact, if you have a very particular design for brand new woven prints, for example, you can contact our design team and they can help you bring this creation to life.

Fabric Selection Inc. doesn't just focus on designers in Los Angeles, however. Although we offer the widest variety of printed mesh or solid knit fabric Los Angeles designers crave, we also ship wholesale orders anywhere in the world. If your designs are hitting the runway during London's Fashion Week, we can ship to you. If you need replacement lace for a bridal fashion show in Buenos Aires, we can ship there, too. Drop us a line via our online contact page, email, or over the phone, during our business hours. Or simply browse our online catalog and let your imagination run wild.