Demand for loungewear fabric increased dramatically over the last year because of the higher number of people looking for comfortable clothing to wear at home. Although loungewear isn’t typically thought of as a fashion showstopper as more people work from home the division between indoor and outdoor wear will become less dramatic. There are still a great many important details when it comes to materials that make customers more likely to choose one loungewear collection over another.


Naturally, one of the most important features of loungewear should be comfort— what part of “lounge” don’t we understand? These articles of clothing are often worn for many hours at a time, such as when customers are unwinding at home. Designers should ensure that the wholesale loungewear fabric they use is both non-constricting and cozy.


Quality is always important, especially in loungewear because this type of clothing is worn repeatedly in a way that more high-end garments for office or social wear rarely are. Customers will take notice of brands that consistently offer collections made from top-tier fabrics that last through endless cycles of the washing machine. When a favorite pair of sweats still feels great after surviving the test of time, customers are more likely to return for future purchases.


Just because loungewear is mostly worn in the comfort of one’s home doesn’t mean it should look boring. There’s no reason to look drab when Zoom comes a calling! Consumers are searching for comfy work-from-home clothes that are both functional and stylish – trendy colors and patterns like pastels or tie-dye are what many are looking for. Offering a wide variety of loungewear in different shades and prints ensures that there’s a perfect match for everyone.

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