Los Angeles is home to the world’s most glamorous movie stars, which means the city is a hub for fashion designers. Whether you’ve designed a trendy button-up cotton shirt for a chiffon fabric drapery for a starlet’s red carpet parade, Fabric Selection Inc. understands that your designs are not just your business, but your art. That’s why it is important to find a fabric wholesaler that you can trust for any detail – from large quantities of lace, or a small quantity of silk brocade, we have the highest quality fabric selection for you.

At Fabric Selection, Inc., our warehouse offers the widest selection of premier quality fabrics at wholesale prices. From reams of printed knit fabric to the most delicate mesh, we refuse to compromise quality for the sake of low prices. We also own the copyrights to any printed fabrics we offer, so you do not have to worry about misusing famous designs in your own clothing or upholstery.

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