Loungewear fabric has come to dominate in retail and designer catalogs as the world continues to shift towards wearing more comfort-oriented clothing in public, remote work, and embracing entertainment at home.

What Is Loungewear Fabric?

A blend of 96% polyester and 4% spandex in a DTY brushed star print or any other style creates a durable yet soft fabric that’s simultaneously form-fitting and stretchy. The result is a texture that’s highly pleasing to the touch with minimal skin fatigue (i.e. loungewear fabric doesn’t compress your skin while you wear clothing made of it in the way an ordinary tight garment might).

Loungewear fabric also breathes well without losing heat, making it a great choice for both cold and warm weather.  

What Kind of Loungewear Fabric Options Are Available?

Loungewear fabric comes in a huge variety of different colors and patterns. From popular looks like traditional camouflage and animal print to floral designs and more, you can find a loungewear fabric that suits your needs.

Options Updated Regularly

A good fabric wholesaler knows that fashion trends can change radically at any time, and access to both classic staples and bold new looks is essential for manufacturers and designers.

Fabric Selection’s catalog of loungewear fabric is regularly updated to keep designers and retailers happy and competitive. Moreover, our inventory system allows buyers to know exactly how much fabric we have at a given moment (as well as incoming shipments). We offer a streamlined ordering process that’s reliable as it is convenient to use!

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