Apparel design is an art. Designers are tasked with creating new and tantalizing designs in order to stand out and best appeal to their customers. The process often requires much trial and error, and designers are often unsure how their final product will look until they can see it fully formed. This back and forth creative process is important, but it can be costly for the designer on a budget. At Fabric Selection Inc., we want our clients to succeed. As a leading distributor of fabric at wholesale prices in Los Angeles and beyond, we have the resources to help our customers make their dream projects a reality.

Design is often an organic and fluid process, yet materials like printed knit fabric can become quite expensive. Fabric Selection Inc. helps make it a little easier for our customers by giving them access to our design room. At downtown campus, conveniently located in the heart of the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles, our clients are able to create samples of their designs to allow them to have an idea of their final product before they place their order. This allows them to have the flexibility to potentially save themselves time and money while they hone the fine details of their creation. After our clients are able to lock down their final designs, they can take advantage of our quick, easy, and convenient online store to rapidly receive their order. Fabric Selection Inc. makes it easier to complete your project, and we provide you with the material you need, including printed lace Los Angeles , to help you get there.