As a leading wholesale fabric supplier in Los Angeles, what we offer our clients goes far beyond just high quality and durable fabrics. Our warehouse offers everything a budding designer or a seasoned pro needs to complete any creative pursuits, all in one place.

Creative choices benefit from having a full range of great products to choose from, choosing Fabric Selection Inc. as your go-to spot for all of your fabric and designing needs will help you complete your design projects in the most convenient and timely manner so that you do your very best work.

At Fabric Selection Inc. we offer:

Higher Quality Fabrics - A design can’t come to life and stand the test of time without using materials of the highest quality. At Fabric Selection Inc., our enormous stock of long-lasting and high-end fabrics make all the difference when creating that fabulous dress or beautiful blouse.

Low Prices - We understand that designers are sometimes put in the position of having to choose between quality and value prices that improve their bottom line. However, at Fabric Selection Inc., we take pride in offering  appealing and durable fabrics at prices that fit virtually any budget.

Well-Stocked - When it comes to fashion, creating the perfect look or starting the newest trend can only happen with the right materials. Obviously, if a material is out of stock, that special garment you had in mind won’t ever make it to the rack. That’s why Fabric Selection Inc. makes sure that the very best high-quality fabrics and materials are always in stock. So there is never a need to wait for any out-of-stock fabrics. 

Up-To-Date Online Catalog - In addition to a well-stocked collection of fabrics and materials in our warehouse, our online catalog is constantly being updated. Browsing our vast collection in the comfort of your home office or studio, you’ll always see exactly what we have in stock in our warehouse.

Copyrighted Prints - We understand that designers like to know that the materials they use for their creative projects are 100% original. At Fabric Selection Inc., all of our fabrics are created by our imaginative team of in-house designers. In fact, we hold the copyright to all of our prints, so that you can use them without worry.

Showroom for Customers in the L.A. Area – Based in Southern California? Feel free to visit our showroom in Los Angeles and see our superb materials and fabrics up close.

Great Customer Service - Our extremely knowledgeable and helpful team of customer service representatives are available when you call. We’re here to answer any of your questions or address any concerns you make have regarding any of your fabric or ordering needs.