When it comes to cozy and soft pajama fabrics, consumers want materials that are attractive and durable but, most of all, comfortable. After all, our PJs are among our most private garments and we want to feel completely relaxed while wearing them, so how we look is going to matter a little less and how we feel is going to matter a little more. That’s not to say that appearance doesn’t matter, though. Of course, people want to look nice for their partners but single folks also don’t want to see something unattractive in the mirror when it’s time for bed.

That’s why our team at Fabric Selection Inc. takes care to offer a first-rate selection of high quality fabrics that are comfortable, soft yet strong, and available in patterns that add a bit of interest to an individual’s nighttime look. We offer looks as diverse as army-style camouflage, and an assortment of classic patterns featuring plaid, floral and numerous eye-friendly designs in a range of attractive and eye-catching colors. Whether you’re a large manufacturer or a budding designer, you need a broad palette of choices to do your very best work and our goal is to offer the kind of options our clients need for pajamas and all other types of garments.

Wholesale or By the Yard

Fabric Selection Inc. understands that our customers come in all shapes and sizes. Newcomers and DIYers need smaller amounts of material, which is why we’re delighted to offer an array of comfortable, durable, attractive, and soft pajama fabrics by the yard as well as at retail.

Whatever the size of the order, our customers can depend on the highest level of reliable customer service from our team. We know that, regardless of the size of the project, it’s important to get the right material on time and ready to turn into great products that will make your customers go happily off to the land of dreams.

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