Designers often focus on a specialty, like bridal couture, high fashion, or red carpet elegance. Regardless of their focus, however, every fashion designer needs to know that they have access to high quality fabrics that won't use every penny their business earns. Fabric Selection Inc. knows how important it is for a designer to have just the right drape, or color, or flow to their fabrics. We also know how upsetting it is when the fabric you purchase doesn't suit your needs. That's why we work with dozens of fabric manufacturers, inspecting the fabric quality in person, so you are guaranteed to get the best jacquard fabric or woven prints that will perfectly fit your designs.

We also have a great in-house design team that is available to answer your questions. When you speak with one of these knowledgeable representatives, they will be able to tell you exactly how a knit or lace drapes, and give better details about the color. That way, you know you can trust that our wholesale fabrics, available through our online catalog, will look and feel exactly as advertised.

Our warehouse is located in Los Angeles's trendy Garment District, so we are easily available to any designer who needs fabric for their local boutique. However, we do not just offer printed lace or solid knit fabric Los Angeles designers need – thanks to our always up-to-date online catalog, we ship anywhere in the world, and we make sure your order will arrive on time. Don't stop for a fabric emergency – let Fabric Selection Inc. solve your fashion design problems.