Fashion designers create all kinds of new ideas for clothing, all the time. From jackets and coats to leggings and bridal veils, the creative class across the world works hard to bring new ideas to life. These designers need to know, when they finally sit down to make their creations real, that the fabric they use is the highest quality. But what about price? Independent designers and small boutiques need access to high quality materials just like large houses, but they have to know the price is reasonable. Fabric Selection Inc. is proud to offer elegant, luxurious wholesale fabrics at great low prices. Our huge selection in our warehouse is ready to ship anywhere in the world.

One of the most popular types of fabric right now is printed lace. As accents on t-shirts or skirts, jeans or bodycon dresses, printed lace should come in all combinations of flowery weaves and daring color schemes. Designers and fashionistas alike love the contrast between the print on the fabric, and the texture of the fabric itself. But what if you, the designer, cannot find the right printed lace to suit your brand new design? Fabric Selection Inc. takes our offerings one step further with our in-house design team, who can help you take your brand new design and make it a reality on nearly any fabric of your choice. If you can dream it, Fabric Selection Inc. can make it happen.

If you are not based in Los Angeles, our whole selection is available through our online catalog. Our wide variety of solid knits or jacquard material are just a mouse click away.