When asked why they are loyal customers of Fabric Selection Inc., many clothing manufacturers and designers point to our low prices, excellent customer service, and overall quality of our material. Yet, a great number of our customers also love their business relationship with Fabric Selection Inc. because of the variety of materials that we offer compared to other companies advertising fabric wholesale in Los Angeles.  After all, “selection” is right there in the name of the company!

We are known for the solid knit fabric Los Angeles designers count on to complete many of their projects. Yet, in addition to knit and woven designs, we also have a variety of unique printed fabrics for truly innovative and unique patterns. Designers love to adorn their designs with our unique printed lace patterns.  We also carry a variety of knit prints for a fabric that is truly the best of both worlds! If you have an idea in mind for a new, innovative clothing design, Fabric Selection Inc. has a fabric that can take your vision and bring it to life!

The great thing about our years of experience is that we have had plenty of time to develop a system that allows us to guarantee on time completion of orders. We believe that building trust is integral in forming a strong symbiotic business relationship, and keeping our promises is crucial to building and keeping that trust strong. Often, we can also complete same day orders for customers that need a quick resupply or are eager to get started on a project right away.