As one of Los Angeles’ most trusted providers of wholesale fabrics, Fabric Selection Inc. is able to provide a large variety of different fabrics at prices that designers and clothing manufacturers rely on when they need to fill a big order. Our customers also keep coming back because of our exceptional customer service. We make it easy for our customers to place an order either over the phone or online, so that they can always make sure that their inventory is fully stocked and ready in case inspiration strikes.

While most designers typically keep a regular stock of the most common materials, it is always good to keep several rolls of lesser used materials for use in unique design ideas. Apart from traditional woven prints that many designers stock up on, we also have unique materials including French terry, jacquard knit, and solid lace. Customers also love our printed lace, linen, and a variety of other solid woven fabrics. While a lot of the trends for 2015 have already been set, designers can never be certain what fabrics will be in demand in the coming months.

Customers also count on us for fabric wholesale in Los Angeles because of our consistency and punctuality. There is nothing worse in a business partnership than working with someone who does not deliver what they promise, when they promise it, so we are committed to filling orders in time and in a complete manner. There are no other companies that can match the quality, affordability, punctuality and amazing customer service that is provided by the experienced professionals at Fabric Selection Inc.