Fashion designers think in terms of complementary colors and the elegant fall of fabrics as they drape across models’ shoulders. Too many designers think too late about where they will source the perfect fabric for their projects, however. Fabric Selection Inc. knows that designers must focus on the perfection of their creation, which is why we work hard to make sure our warehouse is stocked with a huge variety of the best quality materials, at the best prices. Regardless of whether your design calls for printed lace or acid-wash denim, we offer all of it to you through our online store or with a quick phone call.

A decent supply of jacquard fabric online is difficult to find. Many fabric wholesalers offer a smattering of weaves and patterns, but Fabric Selection Inc. sources high-quality jacquard knits in any pattern and color combination, from early Victorian floral to modern impressionist prints. If you can dream of it, Fabric Selection Inc. offers it. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, our knowledgeable customer service staff can make sure you get the right fabric at the best price.

We also ship anywhere in the world, on time, every time. Whether you’re designing near our warehouse in Los Angeles, or completing a season’s fashion for the runways of Tokyo or London, Fabric Selection Inc. ships all of our material worldwide, including our microsuede, cotton, chiffon, lace, and knit print fabrics. Our staff is available by phone during regular business hours, but we also quickly answer any email questions.