In the heart of Los Angeles, fashion designers create incredible styles for all from East L.A. fashionistas, to Hollywood stars. The beautiful sun, beaches, and lovely people make L.A. a great destination for fashion-forward creators. That's why Fabric Selection Inc. opened our warehouse in the Garment District we wanted to make sure our high quality wholesale fabrics were easily available to the most gifted fashion designers in the world.

At Fabric Selection Inc., we travel the globe to find the highest quality fabrics for the best possible prices. We work with only the best manufacturers to ensure that your fashion designs come to life with elegance and flare, every time. We have a highly trained in-house design team who can answer all your questions about the specific drape, color, or weave of a particular fabric, so that you can make the perfect pairings of solids and prints for your designs. But, we don't just dictate which patterns or prints will be in style this season if you have an idea for printed lace or knit, then our in-house design team can help you bring this creation to life, too! The team is just a phone call away, or a quick email.

Whether you have an idea using a popular solid knit fabric Los Angeles trend-setters wear all winter, or need a customized printed chiffon for a bridesmaid dress to remember, Fabric Selection Inc. has a huge selection of fabrics available in our warehouse. Everything is available through our online catalog, as well, so you can get the perfect fabrics right from the comfort of your couch.