A lot of companies that provide fabric wholesale to Los Angeles designers advertise cheap prices, but are only able to achieve those prices by skimping on either service or quality. Fabric Selection Inc. has been in the fabric wholesale business since 1990, so we have had years of experience learning how to keep producing the best product while streamlining the way we do business. At the same time, we have always stressed an adherence to the highest standards of customer service to ensure that we build a strong relationship with our clients. Our employees are all experts on our products, so we can work with designers to find them exactly the fabric that they need to make their next item of clothing a success. We are even capable of shipping products on the same day that they are ordered, so designers do not have to wait long between the time they get an idea in their head, and when that idea can become a reality.

We make the highest quality high multi chiffon solid and printed woven prints Los Angeles designers count on make clothes both basic and extravagant. Many of our customers know us as the go-to wholesaler when they need a small order of more unique fabrics like mesh prints, or they need to place a large stock order of what many call the best solid knit fabric in Los Angeles. Whatever type of fabric you require for your next product, the experienced and friendly staff at Fabric Selection Inc. can get you what you need with a smile!