Few people have the skills and creative talent to become a fashion designer. One must be abreast of the latest trends in colors and textures, and know exactly how different types of fabric will fall. Sometimes, designs are just for fun, but often they need to be both beautiful and durable. Fabric Selection, Inc. is the house of fine fabrics and we offer the widest variety of fabric wholesale through our website. Our warehouse is based in Los Angeles, which allows us to quickly ship your order to anywhere in the world, without fuss.

In the winter, fashionistas will want knits. Although many styles come and go throughout the seasons, sweaters and gloves will never lose their appeal when there’s a chill in the air. An easy way designers can keep their ideas fresh from season to season is to simply change the type of fabric they use. For example, if a designer uses cotton for a long-sleeved shirt in the spring, that same design could find new life through a knit print fabric. What will your design look like if you choose a different type of fabric? This question haunts many designers who are also concerned about their costs.

Fabric Selection Inc.’s in-house design team can answer any questions about our fabrics, including how they drape, what they weigh, and the true dye color on each one. Because we have been in business for years, we know exactly how to keep our costs low without sacrificing the quality of our fabric, so you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your designs.

Whether you need long-lasting microsuede fabric or the sheerest hint of lace, Fabric Selection Inc. has the fabric you need to complete your dream designs. Use our website to see much of our selection, or give us a call with questions about our inventory.