If your supply of wholesale fabric is interrupted, that’s not good. It can delay your products from reaching the market – and that can spell disaster for a business in the fast-paced fashion sector. That is why Fabric Selection Inc. takes care to keep our items, including seasonal materials, ready when you need them. After all, garments and other products just don’t make themselves and production schedules can be complex. As premier wholesale fabric suppliers, we help you stay on top of things by ensuring that your materials are there when you need them.

Our online ordering process makes buying wholesale fabrics especially easy. Simply visit our web store, choose the fabrics you want, being sure to select the amount, design, and colors you want. Once you have made your order, one of our friendly customer service agents will contact you to confirm the average roll size for each item. Once everything is confirmed, we will then move to ship your order.

Customers who are worried about licensing issues will be very happy to know that we own all of the copyrights for all of the designs on our materials to prevent unpleasant surprises further on down the road. We also carry exceptionally large quantities of all of our materials, so there is also little risk of us running out of an item. We also get new items in stock routinely, so each time you return you are likely to find new fabrics to design with.

For help ordering or for more information on our services, you are welcome to call the number on your screen or visit our contact page to get in touch with our team.