Los Angeles leads the world in fashion trends, from skater chic to runway elegance. Fashion Selection Inc. is in the heart of it all our warehouse is located in the Garment District, right in the middle of LA's creative culture. That's how we stay on top of the latest fabric trends, like the woven prints Los Angeles designers demand. We also keep a constant selection of high-quality classic fabrics, including chambray and solid lace.

We know that designers need a source of fabric that they can trust. Our warehouse is represented accurately in our online catalog, so you know that if you order wholesale fabrics through our website, there will be no shipping delays. We work hard to find the best fabric manufacturers, so our quality is guaranteed. However, we never overcharge for our luxurious fabrics, so designers also know they can get as much material as they need, without breaking their budget.

There are many sources of fabrics in Los Angeles and online, but Fabric Selection Inc. is a truly outstanding resource. We not only offer the widest variety of classic and trendy printed and solid knit fabric Los Angeles designers seek, but we also have an in-house design team available. If you have any questions about our fabrics, or which one will perfectly suit the drape and colors for your designs, contact our design team and they can help. If you don't find the right printed design for your clothing line, they can also work with you to design the perfect pattern to print on almost any material we have in stock.