When most clothing designers or manufacturers are shopping around for fabric in Los Angeles, the first thing that they look to is price. Luckily for these cost-conscious businesses, our over two decades in the business have taught us at Fabric Selection Inc. exactly how to keep costs low while retaining a high standard of quality. Efficiency is crucial in any manufacturing business, and our efficiency is what allows us to achieve this difficult and delicate balance for fabric wholesale in Los Angeles.

While it is often the price that initially brings customers to our door, it is our outstanding selection and amazing customer service that keeps them coming back. In addition to basic fabrics like linen and cotton, we also sell a variety of woven prints, chiffons, jacquard knits, and much more. All of these fabrics can be found on our convenient online shopping tool, which customers love as a convenient and streamlined way to keep on top of their orders. We make it our mission to keep on top of our side of the orders too. We believe that a successful business partnership relies on each side holding up their end of the bargain, and having orders completed on time is an essential step for us to hold up ours. In addition, we provide top notch customer service so you can check the status of your order to ensure it will be ready when you need it. Just because we offer great low prices doesn’t mean we can’t offer a high level of customer service as well!