When you dream up your next fashion design, whether it is a dress for a flower girl at a wedding, a trendy t-shirt, or an elegant red carpet ball gown, you are not yet worried about finding the perfect material to make the design a reality. Instead, as a fashion designer, you know exactly what colors you want and how the fabric should drape. You know how it should shimmer in sunlight or camera flashes. Instead of worrying about where to get the perfect solid knits or printed lace for your project, find it at Fabric Selection Inc. We work with the best fabric manufacturers all over the world to bring you high quality, low cost fabrics that you can trust every time.

We also have a wonderful in-house design team who can help you with all of your fabric needs. If you need a question about drape or color answered, contact the team and they will be able to explain exactly what the material should do, and even offer suggestions for alternative fabrics. If you just can't find the perfect print, we can help you bring the woven prints of your dreams to life. Comb through our site and imagine the look and feel of the print, and what type of fabric you want it printed on, and presto! You are one step closer to making the perfect designer outfit.

Fabric Selection Inc. has a huge warehouse of wholesale fabrics that are high quality without breaking the bank. Our online catalog is always up to date, as well, so if you order from our website, we work hard to ensure that our shipping is the best in the business.