When you need clothing material with comfort, stretchability, and style, look no further than yummy rib knit fabric for active wear or pajamas and other, well, inactive wear! This versatile fabric is attractive yet soft and cozy, making it just about perfect for so many different types of clothing items.

Benefits of Yummy Rib Knit

While traditional rib-knit offers a trademark line texture, yummy rib adds an extra level of coziness with a unique polyester spandex combination. Clothing made from this plush fabric is ideal for super comfortable joggers are yet provides a refined appearance. This winning blend makes yummy rib the ultimate material for individuals wanting to look good and not overly casual, but with minimal effort and while still feeling like they’re in comfy loungewear.

There’s no limit to what you can create with yummy rib fabric. While it’s most commonly used for activewear, pajamas, bodysuits, and blouses, the material is also great for children and infants. The comfortable and soft fabric is sure to make little ones feel like they’re wearing a warm, cozy blanket all day!

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