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Wholesale Jacquard Material

As one of the most popular fabrics among designers, manufacturers, and other customers, jacquard fabric is a double knit material that gets its name from a jacquard mechanism, which controls small groups of needles in order to knit and create complex and beautiful patterns. During the knitting process, two or more colors are typically used together to create a more visually appealing design.

As a superior wholesale fabric supplier, we at Fabric Selection Inc. work hard to ensure that all of our textiles, including our jacquard wholesale fabric are of the highest quality to ensure that designers and manufacturers can create uniquely attractive and long lasting pieces. In addition, our competitive prices and our superior in-store and online shopping experience enables us to accommodate our clients’ needs, whether they need a few samples of our available materials or require assistance in making larger orders.

At Fabric Selection Inc., all of our fabrics are fully stocked to ensure that we meet the many demands of our clients. As one of our most highly sought after materials, jacquard fabric is always fully stocked and available at unbeatable wholesale prices.

To learn more information about our jacquard fabric and vast collection of other high quality materials available at our warehouse, we encourage to you to call us at the number on this page or you can email us through our contact page. Based in the fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles, our entire team at Fabric Selection Inc. looks forward to assisting you.

Please Note:

  • This website is for wholesale purposes only.
  • Final sizes may vary based on availability, so no order will be complete until exact size and price is verified over the phone.
  • For any sample sized yardage less than 50 yards, please visit https://bytheyard.fabricselection.com.
  • Stock may include incoming material that is on order, but not yet in our inventory. Please call to discuss immediate availability.

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Wholesale Jacquard Material

At Fabric Selection Inc., our mission is to supply manufacturers and designers with the finest selection of competitively priced fabrics and materials and to ensure a fast, convenient, and effortless experience. All of our products, including our jacquard material, is of the highest quality, and available for immediate shipping through our online store for fast and easy delivery. Fabric Selection Inc. wants the best possible results for your project, and we’ll work closely with you to help you achieve success. At FSI, we’re dedicated to meeting the demands and concerns of our customers and clients, and we offer our excellent selection of products at whole sale prices to more easily accommodate their needs.

Because timing can be critical for designers and manufacturers, our order process is designed to quickly get you the materials you need right when you need them. The web store at Fabric Selection Inc. is fully stocked with the most in-demand prints and materials which we’re able to ship right way. To help make acquiring materials like lace online easier than ever, with our convenient e-commerce tool you’ll be able to craft the ideal order.

Our jacquard material is no exception, which is why we stock the popular fabric, and offer it at whole sale prices. Jacquard fabric is a weft double knit fabric that is made with a jacquard type of mechanism. Usually, it’s made in a device that controls small groups of needles for very complex and highly patterned knits. A pattern can be directly knit in the fabric during the process. Two or more colors are typically used for visually striking and appealing results. FSI provides jacquard fabric online for fast and convenient ordering.

Maximizing Creative Designs

Though any customer can easily acquire all of our jacquard fabric online, at Fabric Selection Inc., we also work closely with our clients to help them make the most out of their designs. Located in downtown Los Angeles in the heart of the Fashion District, through our art and design room, our clients are able to submit designs for samples allowing us to create a visual representation of the final product. Because we own the copyright on all of our prints, our customers can freely use any of our products without concern to avoid unnecessary hurdles.

Though all of our materials, like our poly/rayon blends, are available at wholesale prices, here at Fabric Selection Inc., we’re nevertheless committed to providing only the best materials. We understand that quality is of the utmost importance to manufactures and designers whether they’re acquiring materials like knit prints in Los Angeles, New York City, or any other location domestic and abroad. By adhering to high standards, Fabric Selection Inc. is able to better meet your demands, and match your desire to create superior products.

To acquire the materials you need to complete your own dream project, call us today at (213) 747-6292. Our friendly and professional staff are waiting to help your project become a reality.