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Wholesale Solid Lace

Wholesale solid lace is one of the most attractive and versatile fabric styles out there, and our team here at Fabric Selection is proud to offer it in numerous designs and colors. We know that fashion industry professionals are artists and, just like great painters, they need a broad palette of colors to work with. We also know that attractive designs can add some much needed extra flair to any kind of garment. It gets better because we own the copyright to all of the designs we sell. That means there’s no reason for our customers to be concerned about any rights issues later on.

Top quality fabrics that feel as good as they look are what we sell, but they’re no good to you if you can’t get them in time.  That’s where Fabric Selection’s fabulous customer service comes into play. We know that each and every one of our clients needs to get products when they need them and that no one these days has time to waste.  Some of the larger fabric providers might feel that they can treat customers like so many numbers on a spreadsheet, but we know that our success is determined by the way we treat each and every one of our customers. To get started, contact us today at the phone number above. You can also reach out to us online via our contact page.

Please Note:

  • This website is for wholesale purposes only.
  • Final sizes may vary based on availability, so no order will be complete until exact size and price is verified over the phone.
  • For any sample sized yardage less than 50 yards, please visit https://bytheyard.fabricselection.com.
  • Stock may include incoming material that is on order, but not yet in our inventory. Please call to discuss immediate availability.
LACE3264 - BLACK -
In Stock: 4875
LACE3264 - NAVY -
Out of stock