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Wholesale Solid Mesh Fabric

Please Note:

  • This website is for wholesale purposes only.
  • Final sizes may vary based on availability, so no order will be complete until exact size and price is verified over the phone.
  • For any sample sized yardage less than 50 yards, please visit https://bytheyard.fabricselection.com.
  • Stock may include incoming material that is on order, but not yet in our inventory. Please call to discuss immediate availability.
In Stock: 3284
In Stock: 2216
In Stock: 4055
In Stock: 2068
In Stock: 2934
In Stock: 2087
MESH-3698 - ROSE -
Out of stock
MESH-3829 - COPPER -
In Stock: 3781
MESH-3829 - GOLD -
In Stock: 2647
MESH-3829 - MAUVE -
In Stock: 1706
In Stock: 2022
MESH-3698 - BLACK -
In Stock: 3078
MESH-3698 - NUDE -
In Stock: 2352
MESH-3698 - WHITE -
In Stock: 644
MESH-3698 - NAVY -
In Stock: 1069
MESH-3698 - OLIVE -
In Stock: 1581
MESH-3698 - WINE -
In Stock: 923
MESH-3000 - IVORY -
In Stock: 4449

Wholesale Solid Mesh Fabric

Today’s fashion world is highly competitive, and it definitely helps to stay on top of the latest trends by having access to fabrics that allow designers and manufacturers to go beyond the ordinary. That’s why Fashion Selection Inc. is proud to offer a truly outstanding selection of wholesale mesh fabric that offers clothes makers a multitude of exciting options with which to attract and delight today’s demanding fashion consumers.

With a stunning selection of colors that run the gamut from olive, tan, navy, and basic black to mauve, red, burgundy, tangerine, pink and hot pink, our wholesale solid mesh fabric is able to provide fashion artisans with a complete palate of exciting colors. It’s simply part of our overall commitment to providing our highly valued customers with the outstanding quality and selection they need to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Whatever segment of today’s market you’re catering to, Fashion Selection Inc.  is ready and able to provide you with the outstanding value, selection, and truly superb customer service fashion industry insiders need and want  as they work to maximize their success in one of the world’s most exciting and demanding industries.  That’s why, whatever type of material you’re buying from us, you can be certain not only that it’s of outstanding quality, but that all of our patterns are fully copyrighted, so you can always use our products with confidence.

So, whether you wish to buy mesh wholesale or purchase just about any other type of material, Fabric Selection Inc. is here to provide you with the very best. To get started, simply make a selection or call us at the phone number on this page. You can also reach out to us via e-mail at our contact page.