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Wholesale Solid Woven Fabric

Please Note:

  • This website is for wholesale purposes only.
  • Final sizes may vary based on availability, so no order will be complete until exact size and price is verified over the phone.
  • For any sample sized yardage less than 50 yards, please visit https://bytheyard.fabricselection.com.
  • Stock may include incoming material that is on order, but not yet in our inventory. Please call to discuss immediate availability.
TWL1150 - BROWN #2 -
Out of stock
SAT1805 - RED -
In Stock: 2815
SAT1803 - BLACK #1 -
Out of stock
TWL1120-5052" - PINK #9 -
Out of stock
SAT1806 - GOLD -
Out of stock
TWL1141 - TAUPE LT./WHT#3 -
Out of stock
POP844 - BLACK -
In Stock: 592
POP862 - STONE -
In Stock: 524
In Stock: 4202
In Stock: 568
TWL1163 - BLACK#1 -
Out of stock
SAT1803 - TURQUOISE #15 -
Out of stock
In Stock: 4039
LIN1573 - YELLOW -
Out of stock
LIN1573 - ORANGE -
Out of stock
Out of stock
TWL1132 - PINK B. #10 -
Out of stock
TWL1169 - OLIVE #3 -
Out of stock

Wholesale Solid Woven Fabric

When you’re shopping for outstanding wholesale solid woven fabric, you’re looking for one of the most basic building blocks of clothing and fashion. These fabrics have been around for almost as long as human beings have been wearing clothes, and they’re showing absolutely no sign of  getting any less essential. That’s why Fabric Selection, Inc. is proud to offer a truly outstanding selection of fabrics that run the gamut from solid woven materials to lace, jacquard, mesh prints, and a great deal more.

At Fabric Selection, Inc., we understand the creativity and enterprise of designers and manufacturers is very largely dependent on having access to the widest possible selection of the finest materials. That’s why we provide our highly valued customers with an extremely wide assortment of materials at highly competitive prices. At the same time, we also understand that fashion is a challenging enough business without having to worry about the copyrights on designs and prints. That’s why Fabric Selection, Inc. is delighted to say that we fully own the copyright on every print we sell.

With prices that are great for your bottom-line, and an approach that’s equally beneficial to your peace of mind, Fabric Selection, Inc. is here to provide outstanding service and top quality. Whether you’re looking for wholesale solid woven fabric or any other type of material, we hope you come to us first. To get started, call the number on this page or reach out to us electronically through our contact page.