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Wholesale Woven Print Fabric

Please Note:

  • This website is for wholesale purposes only.
  • Final sizes may vary based on availability, so no order will be complete until exact size and price is verified over the phone.
  • For any sample sized yardage less than 50 yards, please visit https://bytheyard.fabricselection.com.
  • Stock may include incoming material that is on order, but not yet in our inventory. Please call to discuss immediate availability.
CRP3143-DU1493 - CREAM/PETAL -
In Stock: 3741
In Stock: 2024
CRP3143-DU1493 - OLIVE -
In Stock: 1857
POP3709-SE20351 - TAUPE -
In Stock: 2155
POP4055-DU1808 - HAZEL/TAUPE -
In Stock: 1889
In Stock: 1911
POP3709-SE20139 - SAND -
In Stock: 2506
POP4055-DU1449 - BLACK/TAUPE -
In Stock: 1690
Out of stock
POP4055-DU1449 - OLIVE/TAUPE -
In Stock: 1219
POP4055-DU1449 - RUST/TAUPE -
In Stock: 549
POP4055-DU1449 - TAUPE/BLACK -
In Stock: 1534
POP4055-DU1855 - MUSTARD -
In Stock: 1947
In Stock: 1648
POP4055-DU1855 - WINE -
In Stock: 1837
In Stock: 1871
POP4055-DU1861 - NAVY/TAUPE -
In Stock: 1950
POP948-DU1494 - MUSTARD -
In Stock: 4082

Wholesale Woven Prints Los Angeles

For high quality woven prints, Fabric Selection Inc. stocks and supplies the topnotch material designers and manufactures want at the competitive prices they need to ensure successful and lucrative projects. As a top distributor of fabrics and textiles, at FSI we’re committed to helping our customers gain the edge in the highly competitive fashion and apparel industry. Unlike other venders who provide woven prints in Los Angeles, our modern facilities are able to handle a large variety of orders from a full range of materials, and can ship them immediately to domestic and international locations. Our customers also enjoy the benefit of a wide selection of fabrics and materials including poly/rayon blends and printed lace.

At Fabric Selection Inc., we share our customers’ passions for clothing and apparel. Our team follows the trends, and always stocks the most popular fabrics and materials like solid knits to help you stay ahead of the game. FSI understands that fashion is a dynamic industry, and we work hard to ensure that our inventory will reflect what’s in vogue, and be able to meet your need. Our team is also able to work closely with our customers to help them make the most out of their selections. Through our art and design room at our campus in the heart of the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles, we’re able to create samples to give you a look at your final product before it’s produced to help you make more informed decisions. With our full range of services and products, you’ll be much better served at FSI than in the regular downtown LA fabric stores.

Online Convenience

Because material quality is so important to designers and manufacturers, FSI only offers the finest materials, including popular woven prints at wholesale prices to help customers stay within their operating budgets. Though we keep our prices competitive, we also believe that savings and affordability should never come at expense of quality material. We believe in getting you the tools you need for a successful project, and that means quality materials that are striking, look and feel appealing, and are built to last. To streamline the process and help you avoid hassles, we own the copyright on all of our prints, allowing you to reuse them freely without worry.

With our convenient and easy to use online store, our customers are able to get the materials they need right when they need them. Because designers often need their fabrics quickly, all of the products listed in our online store from our woven printed fabric to jacquard fabrics are available for shipping right away. Place your order today with our e-commerce tool to get started or call our friendly staff at Fabric Selection Inc. at (213) 747-6292